Russ (The Altarian Chronicles Book 5) Pauline Butler



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Russ (The Altarian Chronicles Book 5)  by  Pauline Butler

Russ (The Altarian Chronicles Book 5) by Pauline Butler
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With Altaria settled under the rule of Silver Star and Rondar the planet has prospered. The sale of the Sunburst Crystal was regulated and this brought great wealth to the people. The years passed and Rondar died leaving Silver Star to rule alone for her remaining centuries but the ambitions of the Space Mining Company still live on and their desire for revenge has grown.

Far away on the edge of the known Universe was a planet called Charon and on this planet a plant was being developed, tended by slave labour. This plant was capable of wiping out all of the Sisterhood on Altaria, leaving the planet once more wide open to attack. But can an absconding slave and an escaping prisoner get news of this to Altaria in time? Can they save Altaria from a plant called RUSS?

Enter the sum

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