A New World Terrence Aubrey


Published: September 13th 2012

Kindle Edition

350 pages


A New World  by  Terrence Aubrey

A New World by Terrence Aubrey
September 13th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 350 pages | ISBN: | 10.21 Mb

Inexplicably the City of Phoenix Arizona is plunged into darkness at four AM 11/26/2016.A small group of power workers from Phoenix Power, the sole suppliers of power for the city of Phoenix work through the night. They are faced with a mystery, nothing is down or broken, in fact everything is as it should be.Phoenix is effectively plunged into chaos, there is no functioning communication.

Paul Sanderson, the plant manager dispatches six technicians to investigate the situation further afield. Using the plants powerful BMW motorbikes he sends four of his men elsewhere in Arizona, New River, Apache Junction, Buckeye and Gilbert. This was the only means of knowing how widespread the power outage was.

For good measure he dispatches a further two of his technicians further afield, one to El Paso, Texas and one to Pueblo, Colorado.The news that the technicians bring back is worrying. All four of the chosen towns within Arizona are without electricity and equally there is no physical or logical reason why this should be.Even more bizarrely they discover that vehicle lights will not function, even whilst vehicles fire up normally, illogical.It is decided that a small group of them should set off in convoy to investigate further afield the mystery.

Girlfriends, ex girlfriends and a dog included.Rapidly they give up the cause, something inexplicable has taken place. Realising that without electrical power life within America was about to change dramatically, they change the nature of their mission.They head south to Florida with the intention of setting up a farm. They effectively become a group of survivalists.Unknown to them a small, but powerful group of military commanders to the south have declared martial law. They are increasing convinced that the power has been intentionally turned off!As they drive south the situation deteriorates rapidly and they encounter increasing military road blocks.Out of the blue, a young and extraordinarily gifted young girl joins them, pairing up with their sole fellow traveler without a partner.Eventually they encounter an army road block and discover the untruth’s that the armed forces have been fed.A mutiny begins under the reluctant leadership of a young Corporal.

It slowly spreads in the hills of New Mexico. One afternoon after Paul and their new recruit take a break from helping the growing number of soldiers in open revolt- she tells Paul the nature of the problem.“The plug has been pulled on Man kind’s folly,” she tells him “and it will not be put back in!”The further southeast the convoy of the Phoenix Power workers progress the more dangerous the situation becomes.The army were taking over towns and cities across New Mexico and in many cases confiscating food, fuel and other essential supplies.

The situation was rapidly deteriorating, the sky now frequently filled with columns of smoke form sacked towns.The mutiny army, led by young Corporal Phil, was meantime growing in strength, as the soldiers stationed in the hills of New Mexico, mutiny and join his cause.The convoy member’s face a dilemma, do they continue south east, or try to help the mutiny army they have become involved with? They do both at the same time, two of their members returning to help the young Corporal while the rest continue south east!When they reunite it is near the border of Oklahoma, it is highly dangerous.

Pockets of the armed forces lie all around.They finally make it across the desert and into Oklahoma, but not without cost. Another young woman joins the convoy, the daughter of friends of Mitch, the astonishing young lady from the New Mexico hills. She can guide them further south and east through to Arkansas.As the situation continues to deteriorate they resort to ever slower and more remote country roads, or tracks.

Meanwhile, west of them, huge battles are taking place. The young Corporal is determined to overthrow the army hierarchy that is causing so much death, destruction and suffering.Increasing numbers of soldiers join up with the young Corporal. There follow a series of battles between the now huge army of mutineers and the official army. These take place all across southern New Mexico.Paul Sanderson suggests that they find a place to hole up and hide for a while.

He felt that to continue south, as the war raged, had become too dangerous. It was an idea that worked fine for a while, but only a while. Unwittingly their chosen hiding place is within ten miles of a main east west road.They discover by accident, that massive convoys of huge destructive fire power are being sent west towards New Mexico from Texas. Their purpose was obviously to put down the rebellion led by Corporal Phil.The power workers must warn him, but how?

The only means of finding Corporal Phil would involve travelling back through, what was now, effectively a war zone.

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