Polar Bear Cubs Ruth Owen

ISBN: 9781617721571

Published: January 1st 2011


24 pages


Polar Bear Cubs  by  Ruth Owen

Polar Bear Cubs by Ruth Owen
January 1st 2011 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 24 pages | ISBN: 9781617721571 | 7.20 Mb

The North Pole is home to few mammalsit is far too cold for most to survive. Luckily, polar bears have a thick layer of fat and a heavy fur to keep them warm in this climate. In this unforgiving world, the bears dig dens in the snow to survive each winter. Inside, where they stay until spring, the mother bears cubs are born. When the weather has warmed up enough for the bears to come outside, the mother takes her cubs along as she hunts for food. Readers will see how the cubs learn to wait by holes in the ice for seals to pop up, or swim through the icy water to find their preyand eventually learn to live and hunt on their own.

Combining colorful photos and clear, simple text, this coming-of-age introduction to polar bear cubs is sure to delight emergent readers.

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